Move around on a grid of tiles and avoid lasers that shoot out to the beat of the music, but watch out because there's also a reflected copy of yourself to control! You can also make your own levels and upload your own songs in the level editor.

This game is more of a proof-of-concept for a project where players can create their own levels, publish them using NEAR and IPFS, and play others' levels.

Controls: Move with arrow keys

Level Editor Controls:

  • Click on a tile to change its state. A tile is either blank, flashing (F), or a laser (L).
  • Click on "Upload song" to upload an audio file for the game to load.
  • Click on "Save Data" to save a json file of your level data, which contains all your tile placements and other level values.
  • Click on "Import Data" to upload a json file that contains level data for the editor to import.
  • "Publish" will publish your level data and song file using NEAR and IPFS. Note that you have to be logged in to NEAR first in order to publish levels.

To play the game with NEAR and IPFS, go here:


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